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Chinese Herbal Medicine .today, a service from Yin Yang House Inc., offers a range of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Herbal Formulas, Tibetan Medicinal Herbal Products and many other natural products.  The majority of these formulas are used by Chinese Medicine practitioners around the world for many generations to help the body find balance.

The correct Chinese Herbal Medicine for you is the one that your practitioner chooses for you based on your Chinese Medicine diagnosis (for more details, read “choosing an appropriate formula“).

We do understand that in many areas trained professionals are unavailable and for this we offer online/email consultations from our herbal medicine specialists  (see “begin a consultation” for more details).

For Herbal Formulas you may view all formulas alphabetically or limit your search by conditions/symptoms. When using the search tool you will get the most complete results by leaving off “wan” or other formula endings; so search for “xiao yao” not “xiao yao wan” to get “xiao yao wan”, “xiao yao san” and any other available formulas.

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